a lot of marias (and relatives) passed our way in italy. i'm not very religious but i like to see them in such a subtle and integrated part of the architecture and life. 

btw i shot all my pictures with my simple mobile device. my focus is more on the content itself than in exposure and wide-angle. rather i would like to edit the pictures afterwards a little more but for that kind of perfection i simply have no time right now. so, i'm sorry that i'm not sorry and just take what you get.



"kennst du pastis?"

"ah ja der mit dem cowboyhut!"



...schlecht wetter droht
~ ~ ~ 
red sunset
sunset glow
red evening sky


the coolest cat from lucca

we met that cat in lucca. sadly i forgot her name. she came along, sat down, looked right side, left side, slightly in a kind of arrogance, a little bit of desinterest too. we took our pictures and that was it. no petting, no miau, nothing. she got up again and walked away. but what an attitude, i mean... like a real cat model!


"Auf Anna. Auf die Liebe."
"Ich weiß gar nicht, ob sie mich auch liebt."
"Adam, und wenn schon? Du liebst. Hätte ich immer darauf gewartet, dass meine Liebe erwidert wird, auf wie viel Liebe hätte ich verzichten müssen? Du liebst. Auf die Liebe, Adam."
Astrid Rosenfeld

that book again...
last one, promised!



"Fängt man an zu schreiben, weil es jemanden gibt, dem man alles erzählen will?
Fängt man an zu erzählen, weil der Gedanke, dass einfach alles verschwinden soll, unerträglich ist?"
Astrid Rosenfeld

that book again...